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S Post Consulting

We help Siouxland business leaders with
workforce, productivity, and profitability challenges.

My clients consistently increase employee engagement, improve labor efficiency by 30%+, reduce lead times, and increase bottom-line profitability by multiple % points.

It's been a pleasure working with companies such as...

"If you are going to hire a consultant to help you improve your processes AND your people, Scott Post is an excellent choice!"

Bill Shump MBB, LeanSigma Manager/Trainer, Retired

Are you interested in achieving better results?

Employee Engagement

Engage your team with a continuous improvement culture.


Increase operational capacity and grow the business.

On-time Delivery

Improve operations and hit your delivery goals.


Engage, align, and direct the team to achieve the strategic objectives.


Improve your operating costs.


Deliver 99%+ product quality.

"I watched Scott methodically and systematically define processes, drive cost savings, build out standard operating procedures, and significantly impact the bottom line."

Jeff Kelly, President, Restaurant Partners Procurement

Operational Excellence and Lean Leadership Coach

As an Operational Excellence and Lean Leadership Coach, my passion lies in driving results through process improvement methodologies.

With over 20 years of experience in leadership, coaching, continuous improvement, lean, and problem-solving, I've been blessed with the ability to help leaders recognize systemic issues and waste in processes that hinder them and their organizations from reaching their full potential.

As a practicing Servant Leader, I am committed to serving you and your team and leveraging my strengths as a problem solver, collaborator, and enabler to help you achieve a better future.  

It starts with a genuine and open conversation about what's going on and exploring how I could help.  I would be honored to learn more about you and your business.

S Post Consulting

Call me, or better yet let's have coffee sometime!

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