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Operational Excellence and Lean Leadership Coach

We help Siouxland business leaders with
workforce, productivity, and profitability challenges.


S Post Consulting
  • Are you looking for guidance and support to achieve your goals in operations or lean leadership?

  • Do you need someone to walk side by side with you as you navigate change management in your personal or professional life?

  • Are you needing constructive feedback and support to improve your performance?

  • Would you like to improve your time management and productivity?

As a coach, I focus on asking the right questions to help you find and form your own answers, as well as providing accountability as you work toward your goals. My coaching approach usually involves working one-on-one but can be in small groups and can be done either in person or remotely.

  • Need help improving your operations through the use of lean and operational excellence?

  • Are there opportunities for waste reduction, efficiency improvements, developing culture, training, mentoring employees, or coaching leaders?

  • Is there an opportunity to improve your organizational structure or management practices?

  • Do you need help with strategic planning, operations, or change management?


Scott Post Consulting

As a consultant, I specialize in helping individuals and organizations improve their operations and performance by implementing the principles of lean and operational excellence. My approach involves working collaboratively with you to identify areas for improvement, developing and implement new processes, and measuring the results. My consultancy projects often include waste reduction, efficiency improvements, quality and productivity enhancements, developing a continuous improvement culture through employee training and mentoring, facilitating improvement teams, and coaching leaders. I am passionate about using my skills and experience to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Lean Leadership Cohort

Scott Post Lean Leadership Cohort
  • Would you like to learn from and network with other lean leaders?

  • Does collaboration and mentorship with other lean leaders sound fun to you?

  • Looking for an opportunity to build relationships with peers in other industries or fields?

  • Want to share an idea or project with others to gain new perspectives?

A lean leadership cohort is a group of individuals who desire to learn and apply the principles of lean, leadership, and process improvement.  The cohort provides a structured and supportive environment for leaders to learn, grow and network with others. By joining a cohort individuals can expand their knowledge, build relationships and accelerate their professional development.

  • Need an experienced speaker on topics such as Servant Leadership, Lean Leadership, Process Improvement, or Change Management?

I love to share my passion for process improvement and pursuing excellence, and over the years, I've had the opportunity to deliver several breakout sessions on lean principles at conferences. I've also been invited to speak at various company events, including annual conferences, training workshops, leadership academies, and staff meetings.

My favorite topic to speak about is Servant Leadership, particularly how well it aligns with Lean and the concept of Respect for People. I'm enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experience to inspire and empower others to embrace continuous improvement and achieve their goals.


S Post Consulting
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